As the daughter of an early pioneer to Zambia, Wietske was born in the early fifties in Zambia where her love for wild animals started. She became a West-Transvaler and attended school in Zeerus but did not like living in a hostel because she could no longer enjoy the bushveld.

She is currenly living in the pristine bushveld of Mpumalanga near Loskop Dam. She has been painting wildlife for 28 years, and prefers oil on canvas.

She has produced an excess of 3500 works, mainly on commission for lodges, game farmers, hunters and collectors. She made her mark by doing the “Big Five”, however she loves to paint any animal. She takes every opportunity to visit game farms, game reserves and studies her subject thoroughly. She is a very keen photographer and enjoys being a wildlife artist.

Wietske has also trained many artists - she enjoys it and even learns from her students sometimes!